Make packing & Storage Easy

Armored Self Storage climate-controlled storage units come in a variety of sizes, providing you the flexibility to store both large and small items that may be extremely sensitive to the intense cold and high heat.
  • Tightly seal your boxes with packing tape to prevent dust from entering.
  • Label all sides of your boxes with large simple words for easy identification.
  • Make sure lighter, more fragile boxes are placed on top of the heavier stronger boxes.
  • Don’t over pack boxes as they can get heavy and dangerous by either breaking or hurting your back while carrying.
  • By using the inside of drawers and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, to store small items you can save valuable space.
  • Breaking down large items like tables, bed frames, and larger furniture takes less space when storing. Be sure to keep all accessory parts, screws, and small items securely taped to the item individually or in a small bag.
  • Prevent scratching and scuffing wooden or soft furniture legs by wrapping them with protective bubble wrap.
  • Start of your empty storage space by placing the less frequently used items toward the rear of the unit. Placing item you use more often in the front will allow you quicker access.
  • If you’re storing business files, leave a walkway down the center of the unit so it’s easier to find and get to what you’re looking for.

  • Use a secure, high quality lock.

IMPORTANT – Avoid these dangerous mistakes

Safety is a top priority for our guests and their possessions. It is extremely important that you do not store flammable materials such as Paint, Gasoline, etc… or combustible and/or hazardous materials. When storing small engine equipment (snow blowers, lawnmowers, etc…), make sure you drain any fluids prior to storage.


What Our Clients Say

Easy to reserve self storage unit.

Tamye Strickland

Easy to reserve, easy to set up payment, easy to access and sooo easy to move my stuff in. Competitively priced for the size that was rented. I will def use and recommend to local family and friends.

Reasonably priced climate controlled self storage.
Brandon Hynson
From the excellent customer service to the cleanliness of the building-- I highly recommend utilizing their storage space. Shout out to Brice-- who helped me to get my storage unit secured and gave me a full rundown of what to do/expect with having a unit on site. Other perks are being able to have 24/7 access, reasonably priced units, and different access points to get to your unit...
Climate controlled self storage units in Easton, MD.

Anthony Parkinson

Top of the line self storage. I can't believe I wrote that but it is very nice and clean. Excellent professional staff and the sign up and payment was all done by phone and computer after showing me the space available. They also have one in Easton which I haven't been in but I'm sure is every bit as good.
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