10’x15′ Climate Controlled
Self Storage Unit

10×15 Self Storage Unit Frequently Asked Questions

What can you fit in a 10×15 self storage unit?
Our 10×15 self storage units are the ideal option for keeping larger items like living room furniture or major appliances because they can accommodate the contents of up to four rooms. Large-screen TVs, tables, couches, and several medium- and large-size boxes may all be stored in our 10×15 containers, which are suitable for most standard-size homes or complete flats.

Is this the right size storage unit for a 2 bedroom house?
For storing belongings from a two-bedroom home or apartment, choose one of our spacious 10×15 self storage units. Larger stuff like appliances are included here, along with boxes, furniture, and various personal items.

How do you pack a 10×15 self storage unit?
You can get the most of your 10×15 self storage space by packing carefully. Prior to preparing items for storage, make sure to clean any items that may require it. Clear any dirt or dust from your furniture and refrigerator by giving them a good wipe-down. Pack everything you can into boxes before starting your move, making sure to mark them and choose the appropriate size box for the items you plan to pack inside.

These suggestions can be useful when it’s time to start packing your belongings to move into your 10×15 self storage unit:

  • Although they are practical, plastic bags don’t offer the best protection for your belongings. Our team can assist you in finding the appropriate boxes for your needs if you require moving or packing goods.
  • Use packing tape to secure a box after packing it to prevent dust from entering.
  • Disassemble furniture when you can to save room when packing. Remove the legs from your couch or sofa if they are removable and keep them in a different box. There may be hidden additional packing space in the spaces between pieces of furniture. Your dresser may have room for boxes, and your refrigerator may hold books.
  • Mirrors, frames, and other delicate things should be stored upright rather than flat.
  • Make sure to store tools, equipment, and other outside items securely.
10x15 self storage units in Easton, MD.
10x15 self storage units in Queenstown, MD
10x15 self storage units can hold up to 4 rooms of possessions.
10x15 climate controlled self storage units.
Self storage units can accommodate large recreational items.
10x15 climate controlled storage units can protect large seasonal decor.

StorSmart Insurance = Extra Protection

StorSmart Insurance is committed to providing an easy contents insurance solution with great coverage and affordable premiums. If you choose the StorSmart Insurance option, you can purchase as little as $2,000 or as much as $20,000 of coverage. If you have specific insurance coverage questions, feel free to contact StorSmart Insurance directly at 1-888-545-SMART or via email at info@storsmartinsurance.com.

Armored Self Storage

We Sell Boxes
& Packaging Supplies

The primary task for boxes and packaging is to minimize the damage that could occur after an item during moving. In the process of moving and storage, items are subject to a variety of situations where damage could occur. That's why it's important not to overpack boxes and to include packaging materials to prevent damage from slight movement and shifting during the storage process.

For your convenience we sell boxes and packaging supplies on site. It is important to ensure your boxes are light enough to reduce the risk of dropping as you store your items. In addition, the packaging must protect the item from dirt and dust that accumulates over time. We provide a variety of packaging solutions to protect your items and make the storage process simple.


What Our Clients Say

Easy to reserve self storage unit.

Tamye Strickland

Easy to reserve, easy to set up payment, easy to access and sooo easy to move my stuff in. Competitively priced for the size that was rented. I will def use and recommend to local family and friends.

Reasonably priced climate controlled self storage.
Brandon Hynson
From the excellent customer service to the cleanliness of the building-- I highly recommend utilizing their storage space. Shout out to Brice-- who helped me to get my storage unit secured and gave me a full rundown of what to do/expect with having a unit on site. Other perks are being able to have 24/7 access, reasonably priced units, and different access points to get to your unit...
Climate controlled self storage units in Easton, MD.

Anthony Parkinson

Top of the line self storage. I can't believe I wrote that but it is very nice and clean. Excellent professional staff and the sign up and payment was all done by phone and computer after showing me the space available. They also have one in Easton which I haven't been in but I'm sure is every bit as good.
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